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            BECOME A PART OF
            THE CLUB OF CHOICE


            BORN FOR
            THE WATER

            YOUTH LESSONS

            20oct(oct 20)00:5619apr(apr 19)00:56Swan River Retro Yacht Series 2019-2020

            26oct(oct 26)02:2401feb(feb 1)02:24Division 1 & 2 Invitation Series 2019-2020

            Social Events

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            Sailing and Races

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            Royal Perth Yacht Club is partnered with one of Perth’s finest 5 star hotels,
            the Hyatt Regency Perth,? to provide incredible service and cuisine that guarantees to impress.

            Join us for lunch seven days, dinner on a Tuesday and Friday night or why not stop in for a casual drink on the balcony.

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